5 Amazing Tips To Save Your Electricity Bills

5 Amazing Tips To Save Your Electricity Bills


When it comes to saving bills, it becomes all the more challenging and important question as to how to curb this problem. Saving electricity at home, office or anywhere is not the concern of single-member but for everyone. As the electricity bills are burning common man pockets each day it is very important to know the best ways to save electricity. Here are a number of tips to help you get started on your quest.


Don’t forget to turn the lights off: As per the US research one-third of electricity is wasted every day and that leads to power shortage in most of the areas on regular intervals.

Make sure your refrigerator is properly maintained:  if your refrigerator and freezer are set on a wrong temperature then also the efficiency of the machine will be reduced and that will lead to greater energy consumption.

Unplug the electronics that are not in use:  it is seen that around 10% of energy is consumed if you leave your appliances to unplug .so, make sure next time you don’t leave the appliances this way.

Load your washing machine: Always run full loads of laundry regardless of what type of washer or dryer you have. This will save electricity consumption too.

Don’t use electric washers to heat water:  First of all, hot water will shrink your clothes and secondly, hot water in your washer doesn’t get hot enough to kill germs. Finally, heating your electric washing machine water is one of the biggest possible wastes of electricity and energy in your home.

So, friends, I hope these basic tips will surely help you to save much of your pockets and cut down bills. Make sure you follow these and don’t forget to give your comments and views on the same.

Happy Saving !!!!

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