Choices We Make!!

Choices We Make!!

Choices we make: It has always been very difficult for anyone to make a choice. We always try and give our best to accumulate the most possible choice we can. But, The one Tanya actually turned her entire life upside down.  She was madly and deeply in love with him.  She fought so hard with parents, family, society to just get him in life.

Parents had no option, it was already 8 years and now it was hard to make her understand. Her love had actually made her blind, deaf and mute. The only thing that was left was her feelings. He was a nice MAN but not a GENTLEMAN. His choices were not matching, he was more practical career oriented. She was homely and sincere.

Choices were different but still managed to cover these years. Everyone idolized them to be the perfect COUPLE. Behind the camera, the role and action of this lovely story were the harsh and unacceptable story. She was obsessed for him and This made her go crazy and he was fed up with this kind of behavior. It was all decked up with abuse and complaints.

They both made this choice of being together but were somewhere lost in their own world. Expectations were high and the outcomes were minimal. While talking about choices in life one must always keep himself or herself at the center and should ask what these decisions would lead to. Never ever compromise keeping your happiness and peace at stake. Choices can only give us chances to keep the best of our life. Be it relationship or career never let society or others opinions harm or be the ultimate reasons for your life.

So Choices we make matters the most as it takes our life where we want & to whom we want to spend our rest of the life.

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