Janmashtami is the festival which states the appearance of Krishna in this world. The sayings demonstrate that he was born 5,000 years ago in a prison cell in Mathura.

His birth represents the of hope in the dark night of hopelessness, the victory of truth over false and the end of all the false sayings and deeds.

Lord Krishna is within everyone’s heart and with the sincerity of our devotion, can appear to us every day. He reciprocates to us according to our desires and believes. He who believes in him can see him and feel him in the same way.

Everyone is looking for pleasure. The question arises that if our ultimate aim is a pleasure and if the world is designed to frustrate our attempts to attain pleasure, then what is the hope? Krishna itself is a ray of hope.

When we celebrate Janmashtami, it should be a time when we commit and dedicate ourselves to live by the will of Krishna. This is the real celebration.  This day is celebrated keeping in our heart and mind pure and true to ourselves.

When Krishna appears in this world, he gives us a glimpse into the joyful exchanges of love in the spiritual world. Today, people are busy showing off their love and true Bhakti by organizing kirtans or flaunting the way to showcase love and care. whereas, the Transformation of greed to generosity, egoism to humility, vengeance to forgiveness, agitation to peace and hate to love, all happens when we revive our eternal relationship with the absolute truth, God.

Krishna appeared to his bhakts in an association to attract through his sweetness and love rather than his power and grandeur. The Gita says that we are infatuated by beautiful people and beautiful things, but the beauty of this world is in Lord Krishna itself.

Across the world, people make elaborate offerings and decorations and organize grand events to celebrate Krishna’s birthday. But in a real way, we can only celebrate this occasion by removing all guilt, jealousy, greed and unfaithful desires from our mind and thoughts. That would be the real celebration for the king of love and purity, LORD KRISHNA.

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