How to write a resume/cv?

Hello everyone!  I am back with one more essential blog for all the job seekers. Resume making a way to showcase one’s knowledge and skills to the respective company.

Let’s make it more simple, our degrees and skills are like food items prepared by us and now it’s time to present it over a table.

In the same way, the resume is a platform through which we can serve and place all our skills and knowledge to the employer. Your resume is a marketing tool, to market yourself (i.e. skills) to be utilized in a best possible manner.

The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate that you are the apt candidate for the open vacancy, your skills and knowledge are meeting the organization’s requirements and that your qualifications and along with experience are appropriate. Important points to know while writing your resume is:

Resume length

There is no certain length for a resume; rather it should depend upon your previous education and job experience. Don’t pile too much of information and rather only write relevant and important details. Maximum 2 to 3 pages are enough to show your experience & education background.

Order of your resume

It’s always good to present the information on your resume in this order:

1.    Contact details

2.    Opening statement

3.    List of key skills

4.    List of technical/software skills

5.    Personal attributes/career overview

6.    Educational qualifications

7.    Employment history/volunteering/work placements

8.    References/referees

Things to avoid in your Resume

The resume should always be professional and information related to job and career is to be focused upon.

Your resume doesn’t have to include:

·         Your sibling’s name

·         Use of Font more than 2 across a resume

·         Your irrelevant working experience

·         Any ailments or disabilities

·         Your health status

·         Any use of  jargons

Images and graphics along with fancy formatting should be avoided in your Resume.  Always use simple and user-friendly fonts and formats. Don’t add any irrelevant images and graphics to your resume.

Avoid PDF versions of your resume

Some recruitment software can’t read pdf. You should always submit your resume in word format(.docx or.doc) unless recruiter specifically says to provide your cv or resume in a pdf file.




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