She is fearless and fragile in herself. Her power is not limited to four walls but is rather extended to the entire world.  Women are always judged and labeled by society as per the set norms. Her movements and thoughts are monitored and judged simultaneously expected to think and live as per the male dominating roles, rules, and regulations.

Her worth is rather categorized on the basis of either being career oriented or family oriented. Most of the ladies are caught in a giant web of GUILT, a feeling of disapproval or blame.  The preoccupied notions and circumstances attract her and pull her into the web which makes her feel vulnerable all the time.

Her actions and decisions reflect the influence of society which always runs to dominate and make her feel low. To all the ladies out there, Stop pleasing others, it is an endless trap and exit is only to one’s own doom.  Her education is questioned if she doesn’t work and her family commitments are questioned if she is a workaholic. Her existence is measured by this society who leaves no arena untouched, where she could be made to feel withered and thrashed under the pressure of males and even the females who are not human enough to understand and relate the pain and agony of others.

But, she is the nurture, the womb inside her the power of the existence of this world.  That’s what makes her powerful and unique.  She is the one who has the capability to manage both home and work without failing even a single responsibility.

It is the more judgments of mindless yet powerful people who will make extra efforts to break you.  They will drop free suggestions and advice but eventually will never stand beside you. It’s better to be happy and be responsible for your own decisions. Success and fame would shut their mouth and once stopped will open gates of equality and liberal world.

To all the chauvinist out there, she is fearless, she is fragile and will put an end to your dominance be at home or at work.

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