I WANT TO ESCAPE FROM WORLD! This is the true story of a girl named Tamanna who has suffered various problems in her life. A few days back I received mail from her side & she told me to share her story with the world. She is from North India but told me not to disclosed her complete identity. let’s read it out what she said about her life.

I am 28 years old happy independent women.  I am working living with my family and waiting to get settled that is to get married, that ’s what our society gives a definition of getting settled.  My family and friends love me but after a decade of a healthy affair with a man, I feel lost in the world of dreams.

The dreams that seem to be impossible. There is a lot of affection, love, and care but is accompanied with regular argument, fights, and banter. At the time, we resolve but mostly we leave each other for a while and let time and space heal our pains. After putting so much effort and energy, I realized it’s the only destiny I had.  Compromise and adjustments.

I am not ready to carry this baggage full of responsibilities in form of marriage, it will screw my happiness and self-worth.  The word COMMITMENT is rather breaking me to accept the life which is not meant for me.

I am a free bird and teacher by profession. My only aim is to teach and travel the world. I want to escape from this world, from this society which is a cage for my dreams and ambitions.

I feel that I want to be a child again and lie down in the lap with no tensions and worries of giving answers. I want to be UNREASONABLE and FREE and don’t want to be accountable for anything.

There is no excitement and passion in this society, who only judge you without any concern for your emotions and thoughts.  I  want to ESCAPE  in HILLS. True happiness lies in the lap of nature.  It’s only their where I can feel free from all the appurtenance and auxiliary extensions.

I just want to go for the longest solo road trips and would have never worried about my destination .i don’t want people to judge me for not getting married or being single for my entire life. I just want to ESCAPE for world full of questions and expectations.

I want to be who I am,

What I love to do, and that ’s why I want to ESCAPE from the world full of ASSUMPTIONS AND PREDICTIONS.

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