Why Self Motivation Is The Key To Success?

Why Self Motivation Is The Key To Success?

Time and again, we have perplexed and insignificant thinking towards our own capabilities and strength. We struggle to believe ourselves, which leads to low self – esteem and low confidence level. In this blog, I am going to share my own personal views regarding struggles and strength of a girl named Geeta. These two words are although opposite but, would work wonders if mixed or blended properly. It was a phase when everyone believed, she was incapable of anything. The journey of self -motivation starts from here

Her dreams were like a cup of coffee which could just be enjoyed but never taken back home. Strength was her confidence and struggle was her emotions. If one wants to succeed in life, one needs to step out of comfort zone and work so hard and smart that impossible turns out to be possible & that’s come from motivation.

Trust yourself first, rest will incline automatically. So many failures itself is an answer to the upcoming success. Even if you believe that you have been failed in your life for so long and facing all the hardships is it in career, relationships or health. The only ointment to all these pain is self – belief. She was struggling towards her career and relationship.

No permanent job and a broken relationship. Life was devastated, according to her. But, like every night turns into morning. She was waiting for her too & relocated, changed job. started pouring more efforts to let relationship work. She did this for at least 10 years.

The only thing that made her keep going was self-motivation to keep things working. No one can guide us the way we can to ourselves. We are the best teachers, mentors or guide of our own life.

The new and exciting won’t happen if you won’t take a charge of your own life. Take control of your life and take decisions solely keeping yourself in the center. Being selfish is not wrong if you believe yourself and work for betterment. Have the guts to take the road less traveled.


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